Mehlville students, teachers, parents have a voice in every decision

To the editor:

Concerning the “chopping block” of block scheduling, let’s get a few facts before we panic here.

First of all, it is the responsibility of the board to listen and respond to the stakeholders of our district. Our students, teachers and parents have a voice in every decision that is made concerning their schools.

While the best use of funds is always a factor, it is definitely not the only factor.

Each and every program should be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure the best use of the taxpayers’ money. In order to do this, much information is required to make an informed decision. Processes, goals, outcomes, et cetera, are all extremely important to provide the transparency that we all seek to keep our district the best that it can be.

Prop R has allowed our district the opportunity to carefully continue to make the best choices for our kids. It is our responsibility to do just that.

Jean Pretto


Editor’s note: Jean Pretto serves on the Mehlville Board of Education.