Mehlville students get in holiday spirit with letters to Santa

Originally Published on: Dec. 17, 2008

 The following letters are from Mehlville School District second- and third-graders:

Dear Santa,

I was seeing if you could get me clothes for Christmas and this cool game for my DS. It’s called Imaginations. Also, dry-eraser markers and dry-eraser spray for the dry-eraser markers.

Merry Christmas

From, Shawn

Dear Santa Claus,

Our family wants a Wii. If you can get more, I would like a new Game Cube game. Have I been good? How is it in the North Pole? How can you see from there?

Your friend, Adam

Dear Santa,

How are you doing up there? Are the reindeer OK, too? I was just wondering because I am. My mom and I will make you chocolate chip cookies maybe. I want a lot of stuff but the most is an XM Radio and I want my family to have fun. Do you know what the reindeer like to eat? This is my last question. Does the sled really fly?

Your friend, Chloe

Dear Santa Claus,

Merry Christmas! Could I please have some Wii games? How are you doing? It must be very hard making all those toys before you have to deliver them. Maybe you could bring a Nancy Drew movie or maybe the new Guess Who game. Also thank you for every single special toy you have given me.

From, Danielle

Dear Santa,

Can you give my family a nice present for Christmas? And I’m really sorry if I’ve been bad at my house a lot. But my sisters make me really mad. That’s why I get in trouble a lot. What is the favorite food of the reindeer? I hope it’s carrots. If it is, then I will put out a big one. And that carrot is for Rudolph. I hope the reindeer have a lot of energy on Christmas night.

From, Alexander

Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,

Merry Christmas Santa and Mrs. Claus. How are you doing? My family is going to have cookies and milk on the table on Christmas. My family is going to spend Christmas at our house this year. How is Mrs. Claus? I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year. I don’t wish for anything because I already have my family.

From, Grace

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I would like a puppy. I would like to see an elf. Can I come on the sled with you and see the North Pole? I have never seen a thing. Can I come in your workshop? How is it up there? How do the presents get made from the elves?

Your friend, Dylana

Dear Santa,

How do you get to every house in one night? And how do you get down the chimney? I hope you answer all my questions.

Your friend, Evan

Dear Santa,

We haven’t set up our stockings. So if they’re not up, please still fill them. How do you deliver presents if one of your reindeer is sick? Please leave my presents on my bed.

Your friend, Dylan

Dear Santa,

I want some candy canes and a play horse. I want a special present for me please. I love Christmas so much. You are the best Santa of all. You are so nice to me.

You are not mean to me. I like Santa. You are my favorite person. You are my best friend. Ho, ho, ho, ho.

Your friend, Hannah

Dear Santa,

I like the presents you give me for Christmas. For Christmas this year, I want some more Nintendo DS games. The night before Christmas my family puts up our Christmas tree and we decorate it. We also put lights on our Christmas tree. And for you Santa, we will leave you some cookies and milk. Christmas is the best.

Your friend, Abbie

Dear Santa,

You are nice. I’ve been good. I’ll have fun with whatever you give me. I’ll give you cookies. I’ll also give you some milk. I hope you’ll like the cookies and the milk.

Your friend, Beth

Dear Santa,

Thank you for being very friendly. And being very nice and very kind too! Are your elves wearing green? Do you love Christmas? Thank you for bringing presents.

Your friend, Claudia

Dear Santa,

I asked why didn’t you come with your reindeer? You said the snow was too deep.

You are nice because you bring everyone toys.

Your friend, Sherrell

Dear Santa,

I hope I get lots of presents. Also, I hope I get to spend lots of time with my awesome family. I always wake up very early to see if you brought me any presents.

Then when I look at them, I wake my mom and dad up. Then while I open them, they take pictures of the toys. Sometimes we let my friends help put up some of the ornaments for the Christmas tree. My brother’s birthday is very close to Christmas. This is why I love Christmas the most.

Your friend, Layla

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl. This year I want stuff for Christmas.

Your friend, Disiree

Dear Santa,

I hope I get lots of presents. I would like a Wii for Christmas. I hope I get to spend a lot of time with my family. I will get up early on Christmas morning to open my presents. I love Christmas.

Your friend, Lily

Dear Santa,

How are things at the North Pole? Is it snowing there? When you come to visit, I hope you bring lots of presents. I have been a good boy. I really want a new bike.

It will be nice if you bring one for my little brother too. This will make us happy.

Your friend, Jacob

Dear Santa,

I want to have $3,000,000,000. How old are you? When were you born? Why do you live in the North Pole? Could you bring people back to life?

Sincerely, Mirzad

Dear Santa,

Santa, I’ve already told you what I want but I will again. I want a PSP and Mario Kart Wii with two wheels and a Nerf gun with a lot of bullets. I have been good this year. I know because I have been sharing a lot and caring. How is Mrs. Claus and the elves and the reindeer? Merry Christmas.

Your friend, Ryan

Dear Santa,

I didn’t put this on my list, but I really want Polly Pockets. Oh. I forgot. I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Am I on the good list? How is Mrs. Claus? Are the reindeer ready for the carrots? Is Rudolph ready to go? Are the elves working hard?

I can’t wait until Christmas. I’ve been good. I’ve changed and my mom loves it.

Your friend, Madison

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas. How is Mrs. Claus? I hope she’s doing good. I hope you’re doing good, too.

Why have you been good? How are the reindeer doing? How are the elves doing? I think I’ve been good. I’m pretty sure I was good. Have I been doing good?

Love, Leah

Dear Santa,

Have a Merry Christmas. How are your reindeer and Rudolph and your elves? I like Christmas very much. I have been good. How is everything? I think it is hard to do a lot of work. I will put food out for all of your reindeer, some carrots and cookies for you, Santa. How is Mrs. Claus? So I will see you on Christmas. So I love you all. See you on Christmas.

Your friend, Hope

Dear Santa,

I want a new Polly Pocket. I also want a pet bunny for Christmas. How are Mrs. Claus and the reindeer? I hope that you fill up my stocking. I wish that everyone will have a gift at Christmas. Me and my sister hope we are on the nice list. I’ve been good all year long. I hope you will have a great Christmas.

From, Ashley

Dear Santa,

Can I have an Xbox 360 for Christmas? I should be on the good list because I am good to my parents.

Your friend, Spencer

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year and I think it is very nice you deliver presents to the whole world. How do you do it? Is Rudolph the fastest? I will tell you my wish list, a make-your-own N Strike Blaster and the spy gear camera car.

From, Lukas

Dear Santa,

How are you at your workshop? I have a whole list for you. Are your elves working hard? I hope you send me lots of presents. I wish I could be at the North Pole. Would you please put candy in my stocking? Please have one of your elves write back.

From, Craig

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I am just telling you if you do not know what I want. I want a Webkinz. Who is Mrs. Claus? Write back soon.

Your friend, Katherine

Dear Santa,

This is what I want for Christmas: I want a snowy day. A new DS. An animal at my dad’s house. Trampoline at my dad’s house. Water bed. And if you get me some of this stuff, I will tell my little brother to believe in you again.

From, Jade

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want the best Christmas ever for my family.

Love, Delaney

Dear Santa,

I made a poem. Santa has a big red hat. Santa, you are oh so fat. Down the chimney you will go with a ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas.

From, Camrin

Dear Santa,

Do you deliver all the presents in one night? Do the reindeer eat carrots? Do you wear glasses? Do you hear my dogs bark? Do the elves drive your sleigh? I believe in you, Santa. Do you like chocolate-chip cookies? If you do not, please let me know.

Love, Kristen

Dear Santa,

This year, all I want is for everyone to have presents except the naughty kids. But if you have time, could you stop by? I would like an iPod and two jet skis.

Love, Madison

Dear Santa,

I’d like a kitten, even though my mom wouldn’t like it. Maybe a Webkinz and clothes for it, too. But one thing I would like to see is a smile on everyone’s face.

Love, Nicole

Dear Santa,

I know you are real and I was wondering if you would leave me a picture of you.


Dear Santa,

How are you doing. I am doing good for Christmas. I would like a Wii Fit game and that’s all I want from Christmas. I will give you cookies and milk.

Love, Hannah

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I want a teddy bear. Some people think you are fake, but I think you’re real.

Love, Madeline

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I would like to be with all my family. I would also like a dog, a laptop, a pogo stick and a Webkinz chipmunk.

Your friend, Natalie

Dear Santa,

I believe that you are real. I hope you have a merry Christmas. I am sure I have been a good boy this year. I hope Rudolph helps you. Have the best merry Christmas ever.

By, Jacob

Dear Santa,

I have been a good person all year long. I prayed for the poor and studied hard in school. I also got honor roll. I hope that gets presents from you. I think I have been a great friend, also. I hope you think I deserve presents. I truly believe in you.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for the note last Christmas and it’s OK that you made a mess because I like vacuuming it all up. Thank you for all the Christmas presents you made me, elves. Santa is maybe happy for you.

Santa, you’re the best.

From, Haley