Mehlville needs fiscally responsible candidates

To the editor:

Wow — how time flies when you’re having fun.

It’s already been a year since the good taxpayers of Mehlville and Oakville elected Mr. Mark Stoner and I to the Mehlville Board of Education. Thank you for the honor and your trust in us to deliver the best possible education for the students of this district using the tax dollars available.

Our commitment to you, the taxpayers, parents and students, is that we remain “student focused” and “taxpayer driven” as we strive for educational excellence.

We were able to find moneys within the district budget to fund capital improvements. And we realized while doing so, it would be cheaper and better at this time to finance and build a new auditorium on the campus of Mehlville Senior High School.

This was accomplished without a tax increase or bond issue. And the district reserve account is well in excess of the state minimum — which is very good for the district to maintain in event of emergency.

As we prepare for the next school year, much work remains to be done. More than 72 percent of our $100 million-plus budget goes to salaries and benefits. Maintaining the budget will require our employee groups working with the school board to hold the line on costs.

Additionally, the Missouri Legislature had previously indicated it is projecting a shortfall of $500 million to $800 million dollars in fiscal 2013, which could affect funding the school district receives from the state.

With this in mind, it behooves Mehlville School District taxpayers to make certain they vote on Tuesday, April 3, and elect the fiscally responsible candidates to the Board of Education.

Rich Franz


Editor’s note: Rich Franz serves on the Mehlville Board of Education.