Mehlville Fire ambulances now safer for medics


Photo by Jessica Belle Kramer

Fire Chief Brian Hendricks speaks during a MFPD Board of Directors meeting.

By Gloria Lloyd
News Editor

The Mehlville Fire Protection District is looking at ways to make its ambulances safer for paramedics, who have to stand up while working on patients.

The MFPD Board of Directors unanimously approved a change order for its three ambulances set to be delivered this year that will change the layout of the back of the ambulances so that paramedics never have to stand up while delivering care to patients.

“In the back of a moving ambulance that can be problematic,” Chief Brian Hendricks said about trying to treat patients while standing.

The total $7,697 package for three ambulances from Osage Ambulance in Linn was designed by Deputy Chief EMS Todd Besancenez, who oversees the fire district’s emergency medical services.

The changes include shrinking a bench seat and changing cabinets so that the medics can sit while working on patients.

The district is expecting to receive one new ambulance from Osage this week and two in June.