Mange’s lack of comment raises red flags

To the editor:

Here we go again, ladies and gentlemen. The Fred Weber Road Show is firing up its engines for another run at Oakville.

This time it appears that they will be assisted by a majority of our very own County Council. Apparently 3rd District Councilman Skip Mange of Town and Country felt it was his duty to help Tom Dunne, Fred Weber Inc.’s CEO, beat the zoning violations at his asphalt plant by proposing changes in the current zoning regulations — changes that would accommodate Mr. Dunne.

It seems very odd that Town and Country resident Mange would submit such a resolution when Oakville residents have made it very clear they do not want this environmental hazard in their community nor do they want zoning changes that would pave the way for Weber’s trash-transfer station.

The fact that Mange is supposed to represent the 3rd District and Dunne’s asphalt dump is in the 6th District might prompt an obvious question, and fortunately your reporter asked it. Unfortunately, Mange de-clined to comment when asked about his friendship with Dunne. How many red flags should that raise?

If, in fact, Dunne and Mange have a personal relationship, then it goes without question that Mange should not involve himself in initiating actions that would fur-ther the fortunes of Fred Weber Inc. That would be a blatant misuse of power and a betrayal of the public trust.

If Skip Mange wants to work for Tom Dunne, that’s fine. But he should resign from the County Council immediately.

Maybe he could learn to drive a Weber dump truck and start moving that 270,000-ton pile of asphalt to a legal location.

Mark Mosher