Mall tax incentives hurt Lindbergh Schools, residents of Crestwood

To the editor:

I am not a resident of Crestwood, but I do live within the boundaries of the Lindbergh School District, as do Crestwood residents.

Why do the people of Crestwood have to decide whether or not to increase property taxes in April? Because the city fathers need more money for police, firefighters and other operational expenses.

Why do they need more money? Because they awarded tax-increment financing worth millions upon millions of dollars to UrbanStreet Group LLC to redevelop the former Crestwood mall site. Not only will the Lindbergh Schools be hurt by this taxpayer donation to UrbanStreet for years to come, but so will the residents of Crestwood.

My Crestwood friends, please feel free to raise your property taxes so as to pay for private development. This is one way the 1 percent snatch wealth from the middle class.