Lindbergh’s concerns of apartments at former mall site ‘a straw man’

To the editor:

I am not quite sure why Lindbergh Schools officials keep wringing their hands over the proposed redevelopment of the old Crestwood mall property.

In the Feb. 11 edition of the Call, Superintendent Jim Simpson is quoted as saying the plan to construct 225 apartments “is the worst scenario for Lindbergh Schools.”

But under the released plan, the housing complex will have one-bedroom apartments.

How many children will live in apartments with only one bedroom?

In fact, earlier in the same article it states that the 225-unit apartment complex is envisioned as senior housing.

How many children will seniors add to Lindbergh Schools’ enrollment?

The whole argument by the school district is a straw man, set up to foster negative public comment.

Ronald E. Nelson

south county