Lindbergh youngsters show off their holiday spirit

Originally Published on: Dec. 17, 2008

The following letters were written by Lindbergh School District fourth-graders:

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas. I have one Christmas wish I would like to share with you. I wish everyone around the world could get at least one Christmas gift — especially people less fortunate than me, like some kids in other countries. I would like a good book for Christmas, a really exciting one.

That would be awesome. But I don’t care what you put in my stocking. My dog has a stocking, too, but don’t bother putting much in it. She hasn’t been a very good girl. Happy holidays.

Your friend, Kaitlyn

Dear Santa,

I wish I was one of your helpers so I could make presents for the homeless and the poor. How is the workshop doing? Do you need any help? If you do just let me know. I would make every present for the homeless and the poor all by myself. Then I would bring the presents to the homeless and the poor. I would stay and comfort them. Santa, please give extra presents to the families without jobs because the economy is really bad right now. What I would like for Christmas is that everybody would get at least one present and would get to spend Christmas day with their families. Please also think about the homeless and the poor, not just the fortunate. I hope that everyone will have a fun and happy Christmas. Happy holidays.

Your best friend, Emily

Dear Santa,

I would like you to help people that don’t have food, water, shelter and money. How I would like you to help is if they don’t have one of these, I would like you to give them the thing they need. One of these things is money because if you don’t have money you cannot buy shelter and pay taxes, rents and fees. Also, without money you cannot buy foods, water and have things they don’t need but want like toys and games. Another thing is shelter because without it you would be cold, you could not cook, and you cannot have anywhere to put stuff. The last two are food and water because without it you starve or dehydrate.

Sincerely, Ben

Dear Santa,

How are you doing this year? Have you been getting any letters lately? I have a lot of things I would like. But I have a lot of things I would like to give. One of them is all the poor a home to live in. The second thing I would like is a nice family for the adopted children to live with. The third thing I would like is to open a whole new habitat for deer to live in so they won’t get shot. The fourth thing that I want is my mom’s side of the family to stop fighting on special events. The fifth thing that I want is a Wii game called Deca Sports. Finally, the last thing I want is a swimming pool.

Your friend, Megan

Dear Santa,

I want a lot of things for Christmas. I would like a blue DS Lite. And I want a game for the Wii. It is called American Idol Encore 2. I would like Guitar Hero on Tour for DS. I would like Little League baseball for Wii and Mario Kart DS. I would like some books, too. I would like all of the Star Wars books and Guinness World Records 2009. I may want more. I will give you some great cookies.

Sincerely, Kyle

Dear Santa,

I wish I could give a toy to the poor. This is what I want. I want American Girl named Kirsten for Christmas and Singing Bird Kirsten’s Secret Friend. I wonder what I will get for Christmas. Last Christmas, I got some clothes for my dolls to wear. I want a doll house for my dolls.

From your friend, Natalie

Dear Santa,

I wish that I could have a laptop and I wish that poor people could have at least 10 presents because they only have like one toy. I wish I could be your helper and make toys for the poor.

Sincerely, Mikayla

Dear Santa,

How are you? Have you been fine? I am. I just can’t wait for Christmas, can you? It is so fun at Christmastime. You get to open presents and make cookies and have your cousins over or invite people over, that’s why Christmas is so fun. The presents I want for Christmas are a PlayStation 3 and an Xbox 360 and the movie “I am Legend” and a trip to Mexico. That’s only what I want for Christmas, what about you? And I hope you have a happy holiday.

Sincerely, Blake

Dear Santa Claus,

My Christmas wish is for everyone to have a very nice Christmas present that usually don’t get even one present. I hope everyone in the world at least gets one present from you. I hope my family has a nice Christmas. Happy holidays.

Sincerely, Melanie

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas. What is the North Pole like? Is it busy? I want to ask you some things. How do the elves get their jobs? What do they have to do, and how are the presents working out? I really want a Gateway laptop. I wish I could help out. I also wish that you can help out the sick and poor and give them presents. Happy holidays.

From, Melissa

Dear Santa,

One thing I want for Christmas is a Chris Jericho action figure. My Christmas wish is they find a cure for diabetes. That would help a lot of people. I wonder how many elves make extra presents? Do they even make extra presents? If they do, you should give them to people who are poor.

Even just one present would make them happy. I bet it would be like 12 Christmas presents to them. How are you doing on presents? If you’re not finished making all of them, you need to hurry because Christmas is coming soon. Well, I hope you’re ready, and have a Merry Christmas.

Your friend, Brock

Dear Santa,

Like every year, I always write you a letter. I do this because I think you’re a very special person. This year it’s going to be something cool, like the other way around. It’s a surprise. I hope you put something in the basement again. That was really cool.

The thing I really want is a lot of scary stuff. Lots and lots of scary stuff please.

Anyway, I hope you come to town in a good mood. Bye.

Sincerely, Jason

Dear Santa Claus,

My wish list is one thing — to help the kids who are sick. You can help them by bringing toys like Barbies, Hot Wheels, Nintendo DS, iPod Nano, books, blocks, video games for the Nintendo DS, Polly Pockets, digital cameras, etc. And what I want are a new Nintendo DS game, iPod and phone. Happy Holidays.

Sincerely, Lily

Dear Santa,

Thank you for giving me gifts every year. So if I could give you something I would give you a brand new sleigh. It wouldn’t be like any other sleigh, it would be a super sleigh with red, green and gold lights all around it. You would look pretty awesome in that sleigh. But I want a new camera for Christmas. If you can’t get it that’s OK, I might get it next year. Once again, thanks a lot.

Love, Courtney

P.S. Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,

How are you and what is it like in the North Pole? I have a question for you. Are the elves little or big? Our fourth-grade class has been singing songs about Christmas. You are the best, Santa. Thank you for giving everyone presents at Christmas. Nice list: Tatiana, Tatiana, Tatiana, Tatiana, Tatiana, Tatiana. Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas.

Love, Tatiana

Dear Santa,

I wish you could help me give money to the poor. They do not have shoes or clothes to wear, and I want to help them. I would also like to share my Christmas list with you. I’d like an iPod Touch and Nintendo DS. And most of all I want to help the less fortunate children. That would be at the top of my Christmas list.

Sincerely, Anin

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I am doing great. Is Mrs. Claus doing OK? I hope she and you are. For Christmas I want an American Girl doll named Kit, a Wii and games for it please. I hope you and Mrs. Claus have a wonderful Christmas.

Sincerely, Josie

P.S. And the elves.

Dear Santa,

I hope you are ready for Christmas. I am really ready. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Me and my little brother are excited about Christmas. I say it is my favorite holiday. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

From, Aaron

Dear Santa,

My wish list is empty this year, but I really want a ticket to the North Pole. I want to see your house, elves and factory.

Is it busy up in the North Pole? Hey, speaking of the North Pole, how is it up there? And are your reindeer OK? I bet they’re as excited as me and my friends.

Love, Hannah

Dear Mr. C and Elves,

For Christmas, I want millions of toys because I want to give it to charities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Ronald McDonald House. I want the toys because it would make people in charities very happy, glad and feel good.

Sincerely, Anthony

Dear Santa Claus,

All I want for Christmas is everyone to have at least one present. I wonder if in the future that will happen.

I also wish that all the wars will stop. I think it’s really sad that people have to risk their lives to save us. One thing I really want though, is a scooter.

Sincerely, Ashley

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is for everybody to smile on that frosty morning.

Santa should try to relax awhile. His elves should have a party, since they do such a great job.

Your believer, Rami

Dear Santa.

This year I was extra good so that I would get lots of presents. I hope none of your reindeer or you are sick. Hopefully, you can find my house this year. I wouldn’t get any presents. That would be bad.

This year I would like an iPod and a couple Webkinz. I especially want the porcupine Webkinz. I would also like a few DS games and a gift card to Borders. I almost forgot. I want everyone to have a Merry Christmas.

Love, Madison

Dear Santa,

How are you? I love Christmas. It’s a good holiday. For Christmas I would love an iPod and to stay home with my loving family (Mom, brother, Grandmas, uncle, other uncle, aunt, other aunt, J.B. and me).

When it is before Christmas night, if you want, I’ll get some cookies and put them in the fridge with milk because J.B. will eat the cookies and drink the milk! I hope you have a good Christmas and I hope I have a good Christmas, too.

Sincerely, Anna

The girl who loves Christmas

Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are having fun and are healthy! Are you working hard?

For Christmas, I would appreciate a Nintendo DS. Could you please bring my mom some roses?

How are the elves doing at the North Pole? Tell them I said hey. Tell the rest of the helpers hey, too.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas? My favorite thing about Christmas is getting presents! How old is your sled? Is it 100 years old?

Christmas is my favorite holiday! Thank you!

Sincerely, Carlita