Letter writers backing city-county merger ‘have forgotten their history’

Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
In their Oct. 5 letters to the editor, Dr. Keith and Kathy Odegard and Michael Nolan wrote that they support a merger of St. Louis city and St. Louis County, but they have forgotten their history.
It was the city of St. Louis that pulled out of St. Louis County.
We did not eject them. Now they have so many problems that they now need us for our strong real estate values and resulting tax base. Big is not always better. I drive five minutes to my government offices — it is smaller, friendlier. It is also nonpartisan — no political parties.
As a contrast, if merged, I would drive 35 minutes to City Hall, run by one political party as long as I have been able to vote — 1952 — police under siege, a school system so bad it sends some kids to us to be educated and wastelands of vacant buildings.
Dr. and Mrs. Odegard and Mr. Nolan both cite their local taxes, which are small, with the greater amount to countywide needs, schools, roads, et cetera. I would advise them that if they believe their taxes are more important for the city, nothing is preventing them from selling their current homes and moving into the city so their taxes benefit the city residents for whom they are concerned.
I respect the Odegards’ and Mr. Nolan’s right to have their opinions, and I hope they respect mine.
Bill Keller