Letter writer urges Crestwood Board of Aldermen to ‘grow a heart’


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
Bravo, Mike Anthony, for speaking on behalf of the dedicated group of volunteers sheltering homeless animals in the Crestwood area.
The Friends of Animal Control and Res-cue, or FOACAR, group is operating as a grassroots effort to fulfill a job that Crestwood had eliminated. This job is labor intensive, 24/7, stressful, heartbreaking and often thankless.
The limited funds they raise could/should be used to aid the animals in their care.
Instead you are asking them to pay rent for the small “kind of like a garage” space that lacks even a bathroom for their volunteers to use.
Mike makes some excellent points regarding tax incentives — millions of dollars — and sweetheart deals that are given to chosen businesses while this not-for-profit group labors to fulfill a need in the community at no expense to the taxpayers — and then is charged for their efforts.
Crestwood Board of Aldermen, grow a heart. Is the $600 a year you are charging worth the negative stigma you have created? Thank you, FOACAR, for the tireless work you do on behalf of animals that have no voice or no choice. Too bad they can’t vote for their aldermen.
Suzanne Gassner