Letter writer recalls Bill Nolan’s generosity, kindness, friendship

To the editor:

Bill Nolan and I first met at a party five years ago. The event was to honor two diplomats from Sri Lanka. We were introduced to each other as both having served as mayors of their community. My experience in mayoralism was 50 years ago. His experience as mayor of Sunset Hills was current.

We got along well. I enjoyed his company. We spent a half hour or more trading incumbency “war” stories. He made it a fun evening. We met briefly on several successive occasions. Then one day I became involved in a local political campaign.

Being quite new to the community, I realized I could use some advice on effective ways to proceed. I called and asked if he would allow me a half hour of time. He said, “Let’s have lunch. Pick the place.”

We met at The Barn, where he generously gave me two hours of time filled with information about the history and happenings of Sunset Hills. He also volunteered a letter-writing effort, monetary donations and advice on people to count on for assistance.

Three months ago, I was in need of some political advice. Bill invited me to his office, where a 10-minute discussion turned into an hourlong enjoyable and informative visit. Again, he was generous with history along with useful advisories.

During our meeting he described recent medical infirmities he was experiencing, and I sensed the feeling that this may be the last time I see my valued friend.

Bill Nolan was a mentor and friend to thousands of people in hundreds of organizations. Somehow, I hope he knows that I, too, valued his knowledge, his generosity, his advice, his kindness and his friendship.