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Letter writer finds recent ‘Tea Party’ to be an inspiring two hours

To the editor:

For the first time ever, I recently attended an activist program — a “Tea Party” — at Kiener Plaza in St. Louis.

It was inspiring to see so many happy, friendly people carrying signs concerning issues they were obviously passionate about in-cluding:

• Huge proposed federal spending that our children and grandchildren are going to pay with their taxes.

• Huge increase in welfare payments that destroys so many lives by they then learning how to live without working.

• Huge federal government growth with inefficient bureaucracies. Socialism in lieu of free enterprise and capitalism.

• Right to bear arms and defend ourselves.

• Huge tax increases for everyone.

It was a joy to observe such a great crowd of Americans exercising their freedom of speech — without curse words — and religion as guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution.

There were no destructive actions to get television coverage, vengeful attitudes or abusive ways, but a peaceful protest and a fun time about concerns that have made America great, including:

• Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

• Free enterprise and capitalism.

• Freedom and individual liberty.

• America — safe and secure.

• Reasonable taxes.

• Right to bear arms.

• The American dream.

All the above can be accomplished by everyone with the honest hard work that gave America the highest-earning middle class in the world and the freedom to select the work and way of life they choose with their individual desires, talents, gifts and skills.

It was an inspiring two hours.

Darold E. Nelson


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