Letter writer believes Simpson made correct call on Obama speech

To the editor:

The decision of Superintendent Jim Simpson of the Lindbergh School District to not show President Obama’s speech was a correct one.

Our recent days are filled with unprecedented “big” government meddling, intrusions into our daily lives and attempts to steal our freedoms. Although Obama’s intentions may have been sincere, the original plan for the dialog followed by a questionnaire to students raised more than a few eyebrows as to the actual intent of this speech.

Many citizens remain skeptical.

Parents who prefer their child see and hear this president could take advantage of the 24/7 Internet; access the White House Web site; and view it again and again in the comfort of a home setting with agreeable family members.

The day was best spent teaching all the basics, reading, writing and arithmetic as in the “old days” when values were taught by parents — not presidents — and when our government was less intrusive.

Sue Jernigan