Letter on ‘smart, rich’ not voting for tax hikes seen as ‘Onion’-worthy


Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Did the Oct. 24 letter writer Joe Spezia Sr. intend his letter entitled “Join the ‘smart and rich’ and vote against every type of tax increase” to go to “The Onion”?

So let’s play along.

I gleaned some “tongue in cheek” comments from his letter.

I’m sure glad he stated he was well educated, because I couldn’t tell from the content and tone of his letter.

“In your right mind…” — shades of pomposity?

OK, you are rich, but did you and/or your family benefit along the way to richness from any government policies or subsidies or special perks paid by the taxpayer? If so, then perhaps the hypocrisy block should be checked.

And if you did it all on your own — a rarity worthy of the Guinness Book of Records — there are other people not so fortunate as you that could benefit from programs paid by taxes. Is this evidence of self-absorption?

Finally, the issue is not an automatic “for or against” taxes, but how well will the taxes be used.

“Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Dear writer, he was a Supreme Court judge.

Bruce Korbesmeyer