Lembke’s health-care voting record ‘despicable’

A couple weeks ago, I happened to catch Rep. Jim Lembke’s insert advertisement in this newspaper.

On the front page of the advertisement it read, “Lembke Backs Better Health Care.”

I was immediately skeptical of Rep. Lembke’s claim and decided to do some fact checking of my own. It turns out Rep. Lembke has a despicable voting record when it comes to health care.

In 2005, Rep. Lembke voted for SS/SB 539, which took away health care from 100,000 Missourians. This bill even eliminated the Missouri Association for Work-force Development program, which provides health care to disabled people working part time while rehabilitating to enter the work force full time.

In 2007, Rep. Lembke voted against HA 15 to HCS/SS/SCS/SB 577, which would have restored health care to many of the people he took it away from in 2005.

In 2008, Rep. Lembke voted against HA 4 to HB 2011, which would have funded dental and vision coverage to the Missouri HealthNet program. Rep. Lembke may say he backs better health care, but south countians cannot hear his words because his actions are speaking so loudly.

Eric Fey