Landlords should not be forced to accept Section 8 housing vouchers


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

This note is to express my opposition to proposed St Louis County legislation to require all landlords in unincorporated county areas to accept Section 8 tenants.

This is clearly aimed at South County, which has the bulk of the unincorporated land.

I was a member of the gang who successfully stopped plans by some Clayton politicians to insert a large apartment complex into our single-family, residential South County neighborhood around Bauer Road.

The proposed legislation is yet another attempt by some non-South County politicians to impose their political agenda on us South County citizens.

Also, this is an example of an ongoing trend in the U.S. of Big Brother government dictation of business practices to companies.

We have an example of Section 8 Housing in South County already.

After they started accepting Section 8 tenants, the complex became a hotbed of crime and drug trafficking. We don’t need any more of this in South County.

Bill Kramper

Editor’s note: The original version of this letter included a statement by the letter writer that an apartment complex accepts Section 8, but it does not accept Section 8, owner Greg Zep told The Call.