Joint Fortune Bank/Dunkin’ development delayed again

Sewer must be realigned before panel’s final approval


By Lucas Irizarry, Staff Reporter

The St. Louis County Planning Commission voted Jan. 25 to require storm sewer changes to the proposed Dunkin’ Donuts/Fortune Bank location at 5227 S. Lindbergh Blvd. before final commission approval. 

The building and its two drive-thrus will be built from scratch on the south end of a parking lot currently containing a Fitz’s restaurant and other businesses. The proposed space is .82 acres, with 13 parking spots and 33-percent green space. A sidewalk will be built along Lindbergh with a monument sign close by. The building will feature a joint lobby for the two businesses. 

The commission delayed the proposal in October due to concerns surrounding the storm sewer on site and its pending approval by the Metropolitan Sewer District. MSD has since inspected the sewer and informed county staff that the private sewer would likely need to be moved and dedicated to MSD before the commission approved the plan. 

As a result, the commission is requiring an adjustment to the sewer to be realigned to a sewer along Lindbergh Boulevard.

“That was one of our biggest concerns when we discussed this before,” Commissioner Bill Sneed said. 

On top of the sewer adjustment, the commission is also requiring petitioners to move the drive-thru lanes to the back of the building to align with most other drive-thru conditions in the area.

The commission will review the petition again in the future once the necessary changes are made.