It may be time for a midyear reboot


By Carl Hendrickson, For the Call

July – the year is more than one-half over. It is time to consider whether your life needs rebooting. Time to consider whether you need change. 

You reboot your computer to help keep it running smoothly. You should periodically look at your life to determine whether there are areas that need changing.

There are several signs that you need change. Do you live in the past, romanticize the past as the “good old days”? Do you suffer from burnout and begin to abandon your goals? Are you afraid of what changes may bring? Do you consider yourself a bystander in your own life? Do you envy the life that another leads? 

If any of the above signs apply to you, it may be time to improve your current situation. Your life may need to go in a different direction. Perhaps you need different priorities. 

It is your life. Do you want to be its author or just allow external forces to direct your life and you become merely a reader? 

Picture the life you want. Picture the person you wish to be. Get rid of material things that may be weighing you down. Say goodbye to people that may be weighing you down. Get rid of thoughts and feelings that may be weighing you down. 

Determine your personal values. Set goals that will help you become the person you wish to be and will assist you in achieving your values in life. 

 Consider the SMART test as you establish your goals. Each goal should be specific and well-defined so you know what you are seeking. A goal must be measurable so you can track how you are doing. If the goal is not achievable it is not a worthy goal. The goal must be relevant to you and your situation. Finally, set a time to reach the goal or times to reach each step in your plan.

May good fortune be yours!