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Healthy Living: Becoming a better communicator


January 2024. A new month. The beginning of a new year. It is the month in which many of us make resolutions to lose weight, to eat better, to exercise more, to become a better money manager.

For some of us, these resolutions last a few weeks or a few months. Then the only resolution one makes is to make no resolutions.

This is wrong. There is one resolution that will benefit all of us. This year make a resolution to become a better communicator.

Why make an investment in time and effort to improve your communication skills?

Communication is a key foundation for success in the work environment, for improved personal relationships and for better social interactions. Communication influences how we interact with our partner.

The manner in which we present ourselves in written and verbal communication is highly important in the way others view us.

The basis for successful communication rests in planning. Making a resolution to become a better communicator is the first step in the planning process for one cannot have a plan without a goal.

The goal to become a better communicator can be achieved if you are a SMART planner.

This means that the goal must be Specific. It should be Measurable. This goal must be Achievable. It has to be Relevant and there must be a Time to reach the goal.

Community colleges offer courses on communication. When in college, communication was deemed so essential that it was a required course my freshman year. I found it so worthwhile that I was on the forensics team as an upperclassman.

Another means of improving communication skills is to join a speechcraft club. Such a club will assist with both verbal and non-verbal communication. Toastmasters develops not only communication skills but also helps one gain self-confidence.

This year resolve to become a better communicator. Successful individuals are great communicators, They establish credibility, influence others and are capable of building relationships, both personal and interpersonal.