If Stenger goes to prison, our 535 senators and reps need to go too


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

In the Aug. 15 newspaper, I read the articles and letters about our former County Executive Steve Stenger and his prison term.

Anyway, if he goes to prison, why not the 535 congressmen and ladies?

To me, we should have term limits for our 535 congressmen and ladies, like two terms, where one would be elected.

How do the Congress folks accumulate millions of dollars in Washington, D.C., on their pay of $174,000? There must be a reason to spend millions to get elected.

The big donors have purchased the elected officials, so therefore, the elected officials are not beholden to the state where they were elected. They are the pawns of their donors.

When is the last time your federal senator or House of Representative has talked to us citizens, or that we have even seen them except on their brochures at election time?

Anyway, what a great country.

Bill Westmeyer