If office of U.S. president doesn’t require any dignity, why have it at all?

To the editor:

While I do not always agree with the comments or endorsements of Mike Anthony, his comments about Donald Trump are right on.

The recent letter submitted by Brian Ingenthron suggesting that Anthony needs to grow up is insulting, misleading and delusional, pretty much like most comments that are presented by most Trump supporters. While no one can defend the actions of Nixon, Kennedy or Clinton, the office of the president does require some dignity, as you are representing our country to the rest of the world.

To follow Brian’s thought process, if the office does not require any dignity, why have it at all? Let’s just hire someone to insult anyone who disagrees with us. Lashing out on Twitter with name calling and other insulting remarks is something I expect from trolls sitting behind their computers in their mom’s basement, not from a president-elect. Claiming Trump is “unfiltered and unfettered” is not what I would call refreshing. He has ridiculed women, Hispanics, immigrants, Muslims, blacks and has called political opponents childish names. He presented no serious positions on any issues during the primaries, and lied consistently about his opponents.

I have listened to the message, Brian, and it disgusts me that so many have been duped by this guy and how badly the middle class is going to get screwed over by this administration over the next four years. Just look at who he has nominated to be part of his Cabinet — bank billionaires, oil and finance billionaires, some of whom have exploited the poor and unfortunate, to line their own pockets. Reasonable people do not take any news at face value — unless you only listen to Fox News — they investigate and refer to several fact-check sources to try to get to the truth.

Fake news has been with us for a long time. Spin doctors, conspiracy theorists and people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have done more to distort the news than Mike Anthony and the Call will ever do. For every Clinton, you have an Obama, Eisenhower, or Truman, who though not perfect did conduct themselves with dignity while in office. So back off Brian, as I am sure there are things you have done in your life that you are not proud of, but then again, you are not the president-elect.

Jim Kaznica