Hopes former chamber presidents eligible for job of ‘Town Clown’

To the editor:

Jimmy Smoot, former president of the feckless Green Park Chamber of Commerce, in his recent letter suggests that Green Park city officials create the position of “Town Clown” and that city officials wouldn’t have far to look to fill the position.

I agree. Green Park city government is replete with clowns.

Matching job skills to job requirements is essential to get a good Town Clown, so I hope city officials will also consider former chamber of commerce presidents for the Town Clown position.

Mr. Smoot writes, “Green Park … is hands-down the most successful city in the south county region.” Surely he refers to an area called south county in a parallel universe which hosts a city called Green Park. Smoot’s Green Park is a wonderful place where doing business requires no license and residents pay “no personal property tax and no real estate tax.”

It’s the parallel universe in which Green Park is the most successful city.

To get to Jimmy’s Green Park, you just skip along the yellow brick road to Imaginary Town, take a left at the Gingerbread House, then follow the signs to the Universe of Far, Far Away.

In reality, using Green Park and “successful city” in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Realistically, Green Park is the unpolished gem of south county, but Green Park officials, like Mr. Smoot, continue to close their eyes, cover their ears and chant “la-la-la” to every reasonable and progressive idea that comes to their attention.

Alas, Mr. Smoot would have us believe that these curmudgeons run the most successful city in south county. Poor Jimmy. Maybe one day he’ll find his way back to his Green Park, the best little town in the Universe of Far, Far, Away.

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park