Hilmer’s information on salary, benefits not the complete picture

To the editor:

Once again, (Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors Chairman) Mr. (Aaron) Hilmer released information benefiting his agenda, but not providing a complete picture.

Mr. Hilmer, without a doubt, will have this fire district one of the worst within the next few years.

Regarding salaries, my father, a 27-year veteran of the fire district, earns $23.55 per hour. That’s officer’s pay and 25-plus-year longevity.

Of course, it was never stated that employees like my father work a minimum of 56 hours per week, hence the — seemingly — inflated numbers.

It was also not stated that 12 full-time employees have recently left, many for other districts. This has caused increases in overtime to cover shifts. Should these not be covered? On the chance that a medical emergency does arise, please take solace in Mr. Hilmer’s — misguided — attempt to be more cost-effective.

Mr. Hilmer’s rationale that high salaries were due to the “union-controlled” board is also confounding. According to his figures, the highest-paid employees don’t even belong to Local 1889.

It’s also worrisome that (Call Executive Editor) Mr. (Mike) Anthony would point to inflated administrator’s salaries considering Mr. Hilmer either hired or promoted five of the top six administrators.

Sounds like an honorable public servant, doesn’t he?

Adam Weingartner