Hilmer, Stegman ‘standing up for the taxpayers’

To the editor:

Week after week I read letters in the Call from people who are unhappy with the actions of our newest members of the Mehlville Fire Protection Board of Direc-tors, Mr. Hilmer and Ms. Stegman.

There was plenty of evidence presented during the MFPD board’s recent campaign about what a “sweet” deal our firefighters were getting at taxpayers’ expense. And yet, Local 1889 of the International Association of Fire Fighters continues to have its apologists write in and complain about how the firefighters are being “mistreated.”

So I just wanted to offer a word of en-couragement and thanks to Hilmer and Stegman for being willing to do the hard work of standing up for the taxpayers and not being intimidated by the firefighters and their cronies.

R.E. Franz