Hilmer should not try to be in charge of everything, retired teacher says

To the editor:

Aaron Hilmer seems to have done a good job of running the Mehlville Fire Protection District.

However, he has not been elected to the Mehlville Board of Education, nor is he an elected educator representative.

It is unbelievable that he would testify  in Jefferson City to try to change the Missouri Public School Retirement System, which covers all public school teachers in the state.

For the MFPD leader to assume the position of expert on educational employee pensions is an insult to the residents of all Missouri school districts, their elected boards of education and their educational employees.

Mr. Hilmer, as elected MFPD chairman, should not try to be in charge of everything.

Joann Folluo

south county

Editor’s note: Joann Folluo is a retired Mehlville teacher and a current Mehlville School District volunteer.