Green Park Transportation Committee’s recommendations ignored

Looks like the circus is back in town. Welcome to Clown City.

More than eight years ago, the city of Green Park set up a Transportation Committee. The task was to study a way to relieve traffic on Patsy Drive. Well, about a week ago, the St. Louis County Police came through on a meet-and-greet and tell us over 1,800 cars use Patsy daily.

Ridiculous? Absolutely.

Does anyone care? No. The committee’s recommendations were ignored.

Now, the clowns are allowing the city’s comprehensive plan to be violated by building commercial properties into a residential neighborhood. I have been out of town for five months and am shocked.

They are tearing down two homes. And hardly anyone knows. Have you no shame?

How can this possibly relieve traffic? We in Ronnie Hills have been fighting this for 15 to 20 years. How can this happen?

Just one more question. If there is a surplus of over $3 million and we disband this city, do we the taxpayers split the surplus?

Can we get paid $3,000 each to run the clowns out of town?

Stop personal agendas and big business now. Instead of finding ways to decrease traffic on Patsy Drive, the city finds ways to increase traffic.

Anyone thinking of starting a city in south county, think again. Do you really think the person on the next street really has the same vision you do? You will be fighting amongst yourselves. Guaranteed.

Mark Friederich

Green Park

Editor’s note: Mr. Friederich served on the Transportation Committee referred to in his letter.