Green Park, African Americans should be against a regional merger


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

The front page of the Call’s Feb. 7 edition was filled with very interesting items.

To start, it said that if there is a merger, the much-embattled County Executive Steve Stenger would become “King” — oh no, he would be elevated to “Metro Mayor” through 2025. That would be like getting re-elected without running.

The current mayor of St. Louis would become “Queen” — oh no, “transition mayor.” That is also like getting re-elected without any competition.

The next article says “Stenger stops attending County Council meetings” because he “says that it’s become a circus.” Maybe it’s because he has acted like a clown. He can’t get along with the elected Republican members and is now at odds with the two very qualified Democrat members. Remember this is the person that the merger wants to crown as the leader of the whole tamale.

The next article says that “too many are left behind in the metro region.” To my African American friends I say, “Look out, there goes your chance for any voice” in this fiasco. You will be divided into smaller parts, so you will have little say to be heard. The county has six council members, the city has about 24. Do you think that the new 33 council members will be spread out throughout the entire area? There goes your strength.

The last item was a refreshing note that Green Park will come under budget by more that $1 million. With the merger, that will go to pay off the city debt. The folks at Green Park should be happy with that news and be totally against the merger.

Bill Kuhlmann
South County

Editor’s note: Mr. Kuhlmann is the Tesson Ferry Republican Club’s “Republican of the Year” for 2019.