Grantwood Village treasurer endorses Forand, Williams in election

To the editor:

Grantwood Village is experiencing unprecedented success as one of the smallest municipalities in Southwest St. Louis County.

Our village has 345 residential homes, about 900 residents and is home to Grant’s Farm and the Ulysses Grant National Historic Site.

Grantwood Village trustees have provided leadership for four pillars of success:

• Rock-solid finances. Grantwood Village has zero long-term debt and financial reserves are at the highest level in more than 10 years. The village has cash on hand totaling $251,000 as of February.

• Partnership with the top-rated St. Louis County Police Department for community policing services keeps our streets among the safest in St. Louis County.

• Multiyear street maintenance program developed in consultation with private civil engineers, and in consultation with civil engineers at St. Louis County. The strategy is to meet or exceed St. Louis County specs.

• Transparency in our municipal practices through our monthly meetings, our website — where we publish all financial statements; meeting agendas; a summary of each meeting within 48 hours; and then subsequently publish the approved minutes — and our quarterly newsletter.

During this time when other municipalities are dealing with budget deficits, cutting services, seeking tax-rate increases, running contrary to the Missouri Sunshine Law, and, in some cases, completely dissolving, Grantwood Village continues to run at an even pace.

Chairwoman Cathy Forand and Village Clerk Pat Williams are two of the trustees who have provided the leadership that has enabled Grantwood Village to build the four pillars of success. On April 3, Grantwood residents will have the opportunity to re-elect Cathy Forand and elect Pat Williams to continue their leadership as trustees.

Based on their past leadership and future commitment, Mrs. Forand and Mrs. Williams deserve our support.

Mark Kienstra

trustee and treasurer

Town of Grantwood Village