Further cuts would negatively impact Lindbergh’s quality of education

To the editor:

Like most people, I’m not a fan of taxes.

When the Lindbergh School District announced that it was seeking a 65-cent tax increase — Prop L — on the November ballot, the last place I thought I would find myself is on the Prop L campaign committee. It was only after carefully examining how well the school has managed its money, how much my children are benefitting from an excellent education and how greatly the district impacts the value of my home, that I decided I could afford the tax increase more than I could afford for the district to suffer defeat in November.

The Lindbergh School District is a community that is comprised of other communities. Once you buy a home in the district, regardless of whether you have children or whether your children attend Lindbergh schools, you become part of the Lindbergh family. The same can be said of a church community or the community of employed people. The well-being of any of these communities depends on the support and sacrifices of the members within those communities. Church schools depend on the contributions of the entire parish to keep operating and retired people depend on active employees to fund Social Security payments.

The Lindbergh community has a choice to make in November.

This is no longer a question of belt-tightening; that started two years ago and any further cuts would have a negative impact on the quality of education the district is able to provide. The Lindbergh School District has always been forthright with the taxpayers who support it and they have been responsible stewards of our tax dollars, providing an excellent public education with one of the lowest per student costs in the state.

But now the district needs your help. With your “yes” vote on Prop L Nov. 2, you will enable the Lindbergh School District to continue serving as the strong foundation upon which many other communities are built.

Martha Duchild