Franz should concentrate on bettering Mehlville; leave Lindbergh alone

To the editor:

I just had to respond to Rich Franz’s recent letter in your newspaper.

Why do you wish to stir the pot in the Lindbergh district, Mr. Franz? Lindbergh has kept the trust of its residents by spending its money wisely and being up front with what it is spending it on.

Bringing teachers’ raises into the letter is done only to inflame the residents more.

Within the last five years, the teachers have taken a lower raise so that they could keep more teachers in the schools, which lowers the student-teacher ratio.

Many times in the past, the superintendent of the district has given back to the district his raise for the year. I do not see your logic in stating that they will be asking for another tax increase in three to four years.

I honestly cannot remember the last tax increase that was asked for before this one. Bond issues are another matter and were sorely needed to expand schools and open up new schools to ease crowding. If you read the Feb. 23 issue of the Call, you will see that Lindbergh will be saving taxpayers $1.2 million with a bond refunding.

Lindbergh provides a quality education for its students without overspending or continuously asking for tax increases. The high school has been listed in the top 10 percent nationwide the last few years.

The high school not only provides college credit through the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program and through Advanced Placement classes, but it also offers the International Baccalaureate, or IB, program. The IB program is a prestigious international program that challenges the students not only educationally but in other areas.

I do not understand your interest in what the Lindbergh district is doing with its money, as it does not affect you or your family at all. Being on the Mehlville Board of Education means you must live in the Mehlville School District. Concentrate on bettering the education of Mehlville students and leave Lindbergh alone.

C. Whalen