Former rep: County is ‘better apart’ from city instead of a megacity


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

The recently formed Better Together nonprofit group is releasing their misguided proposal and ready to spend millions of dollars to convince Missourians to vote on St. Louis County and city to merge into one “MegaCity.”

Furthermore, the just re-elected County Executive Steve Stenger, along with St. Louis City Mayor Krewson, have already sold us out and support their constituencies to lose all local governments in favor of enriching the downtown St. Louis City Hall. St. Louis County residents have worked by the sweat on their brows for decades to invest in a community to live and raise their families.

Maybe they don’t remember what county residents are made of by the battles that have been fought and won.

We can remember the old quarry on Green Park Road in the early 1990s and the effort to sell the quarry for a dump site. “Not.” Then we heard about the overly aggressive plan to expand MetroLink into south county neighborhoods via the Union Pacific railroad trestle out to Butler Hill Road. “Not In Our Backyard.”

Our community worked together to raise the awareness of gangs, gang activity and graffiti. The county police established a hotline to report gang activity that would keep our neighborhoods safe.

St. Louis County residents are street fighters and will not let an ill-fated attempt take away our representative government and cause taxation without representation in our lives.

St. Louis city and county would not be better together but better apart. Let the representative government of the people stand by a local election to decide what’s best for our community.

Catherine S. Enz
Former state representative, Concord