Five Crestwood aldermen supporting Fagan

To the editor:

As elected members of the Board of Aldermen, we have the honor of serving the citizens of Crestwood. Although recent financial problems have made the past few years a challenge, our budget for 2005 is balanced and Crestwood is moving forward.

We need a leader who can address our short-term problems while planning for the future. We need a leader to address our challenges head-on without losing sight of the many positive attributes of our city. We need a leader who will be an ambassador for our city, stabilizing current businesses and attracting new ones.

Tom Fagan has the competence, skill, energy and organization to lead our city forward. Although only in office since August, he has started that process. As board members, we are confident that Tom is the candidate that will best serve our city.

We endorse Tom Fagan for mayor of Crestwood.

Richard Breeding — Crestwood Ward 1 alderman

Tim Trueblood — Crestwood Ward 2 alderman

Jim Kelleher — Crestwood Ward 2 alderman

Pat Duwe — Crestwood Ward 4 alderman

Joe O’Keefe — Crestwood Ward 4 alderman