Fedorchak, Wainz best choices to serve on Mehlville school board

To the editor:

I would like to encourage my fellow Oakville/Mehlville parents and stakeholders to vote on April 3 for Ron Fedorchak and Mike Wainz for the Mehlville Board of Education.

I have personally known Ron Fedorchak for more than 10 years as a fellow parent at Blades Elementary School, Bernard Middle School and Oakville Senior High School.

I have witnessed him interacting and volunteering at the schools. He is very intelligent and puts much time and effort into everything he does, from being on the school board to coaching softball.

Mike Wainz and his wife, Laura, have lived in Mehlville since 2000. They also have three children and moved to Mehlville specifically because of the schools.

Two of Mike’s children participate in the modified program and vocational training provided by the Special School District. Mike clearly understands challenges faced by parents and non-parents alike.

I personally know and have always envied Mike when I watch him with his children. The patience and nurturing manner he displays with his special-needs children is to be commended.

Both Mike and Ron are approachable, intelligent and levelheaded. They will have a balanced approach to improving our schools with all taxpayers in mind. They will work to give our children the best education possible, while keeping the district budget and expenditures in check.

Please remember to get out and vote on Tuesday, April 3, and check No. 1 and No. 2 on the Mehlville Board of Education ballot for Ron Fedorchak and Mike Wainz.

Peggy Hassler