Elder Murphy: No apologies for paying attention, questioning board

To the editor:

I am surprised that the Call would print the ridiculous accusations written by Paul B. Anderson.

I’m certainly not going to address the unfounded and false accusations put forth about Jamey Murphy’s work situation and his inability to make the school board meeting. Jamey is an intelligent, articulate, individual-minded person and he can certainly speak for himself.

However, the statement that I or anyone else controls the thoughts or actions of Kathleen Eardley or Lori Trakas is incredibly inaccurate, sexist and unfounded. Katy is a highly educated, strong-willed woman who stepped up and served this community for three years.

Although we often disagreed on the manner that the school board conducted business, she never once changed her mind or a vote based on my opinions. Lori has proved time and time again that she is able to speak her own mind. Lori certainly does not seek my advice, and I certainly haven’t given her any. For the record, Lori Trakas is not even a member of the Tesson Ferry Township Republican Club, so I am sure it has no influence on her school board decisions.

Apparently Mr. Anderson feels it is appropriate for him to spew his interpretation of the rights and wrongs of the Mehlville School District, but takes others to task for doing the same. Being a good citizen requires getting involved. I do not apologize for paying at-tention and questioning the decisions of our elected school board.

In August 2012, I wrote a letter to the editor in this newspaper, which stated: “The recent outrage over the Mehlville school board giving teachers a 1.5-percent salary increase is a shameful example. First of all, a 1.5-percent increase doesn’t even keep up with inflation, so they are actually being paid less this coming year …”

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I also took the school board to task for giving pay increases last year without any plan on how they would be funded in future years.

Spending money it did not have was bad governance and this action, above all, caused the district’s current financial condition.

I do not apologize for paying attention and getting involved. When I do address issues, I do my research and look at the facts.

I wish more people would do the same so that we could have a meaningful dialogue about the needs of this district. I suggest that Mr. Anderson get his facts straight, as simply spewing out un-founded accusations does nothing to solve these issues.

Jim Murphy


Editor’s note: Mr. Murphy is the father of Mehlville board member Jamey Murphy and former board member Katy Eardley.