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Eggs paired with traditional Mexican favorites make memorable breakfast

Scrambled eggs served on a tortilla and topped with salsa make this an authentic MexBrex.

My wife and I have been making this breakfast since we visited my sister in Oregon while our son was a wee lad.

The taste secret is my salsa which is based on recipes by Dianne Kennedy.  There is no other salsa like it, but you can substitute if you have your own favorite salsa.

My sister called this Mex-Breakfast. I like to serve it with refried beans (laced with salsa) and melon wedges doused with fresh lime juice and Triple-Sec.


1⁄2 cup salsa per serving

14-ounce can refried beans

Handful of fresh cilantro, chopped

2 tablespoons butter

Shredded cheddar cheese to taste

5 large eggs

2 tablespoons milk

3 tablespoons cream cheese,

cut into small pieces

4 tortillas, warmed

Mix half the salsa with a can of refried beans and some cilantro. Place in a small sauce pan over medium heat to warm.

Melt butter in heavy skillet over medium-low heat. Whisk eggs, remaining cilantro and milk in a large bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Pour mixture into skillet and add cream cheese pieces.

Cook until eggs are set and creamy, about five minutes.

Spoon over a tortilla which has been heated in the oven for a few minutes. Top with remaining salsa and serve with refried beans and melon bites.

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