Efforts of Mehlville firefighters, paramedics are appreciated by many

My hat goes off to Lisa Marin — July 10 — and Don Benson — July 31 — for their letters to the editor.

It is refreshing to know that some really understand what has been happening to our Mehlville firefighters and paramedics. Out of curiosity and as a taxpayer, I attended a few of the board meetings and I was dismayed by the attitude and rudeness of Aaron Hilmer to those in attendance.

As far as morale being low within the district, I am not surprised since the men and women of the district seem to be always having something taken from them. It makes me wonder how the board members would respond if their lives were daily in danger, not to mention the emotional stress the job must have as well as having to lose special times from their families while others are belittling them and taking benefits from them. Maybe Mr. Hilmer and his followers need a reminder of the golden rule and give credit where credit is due. Mehlville firefighters and paramedics, keep up the good work. Many of us do appreciate you and your services.

Edith Kellermann