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EDITORIAL: Library’s new name shows stunning lack of originality

“Call the Tune” by Mike Anthony

We certainly have to hand it to those folks who run the St. Louis County Library for their “originality.”

The Board of Directors voted unanimously last week to approve the library administration’s recommendation of the name Grant’s View for the new library that is replacing the Tesson Ferry Branch.

In its recommendation, the administration noted that the new branch at Musick and Gravois will overlook Grant’s Farm.

Library Director Kristen Sorth told the board, “As you know, the location will be overlooking Grant’s Farm, so it has a view of Grant’s Farm.”

Really? That’s the best you could do? Frankly, the placeholder name of South County Regional Branch would be a better choice, in our opinion. Perhaps the best choice would be to keep the Tesson Ferry name.

Certainly residents won’t confuse the Grant’s View Library Branch with two adjacent new subdivisions — the Manors at Grant’s View and the Enclave at Grant’s View.

But that fact didn’t come up during the board’s brief discussion.

Once again, kudos to the library folks for their “originality” as they continue to make decisions in a vacuum without any public input.

As some may recall, before the passage of Proposition L, the 6-cent tax-rate increase that provided the funds for the library’s construction program, officials said they would seek public input on finding a new location for the Tesson Ferry Branch.

As we all know, that didn’t happen. Once the library folks got their money, they no longer cared what their patrons thought.

Much of the problem lies with the fact that library board members are appointed by the county executive and not accountable to the public.

County Executive Charlie Dooley appointed the current library board and has had no problem with the way that it has proceeded with the relocation of the Tesson Ferry Branch.

Now that the Dooley era is coming to an end, that could change since both the Democratic and Republican nominees for county executive, Steve Stenger and Rick Stream, respectively, have expressed their concerns about how the relocation has been handled.

Stenger stated, “… The board acted without consultation with the council and is at odds with the public.”

Stream stated, “… Residents’ concerns were not considered. Changes need to be made, starting with the library board.”

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