Dunkin’ Donuts would exacerbate existing congestion on Telegraph

To the editor:

Don’t we have enough congestion on Telegraph Road already? Do we want to become another Manchester Road?

Although Shannon Myers may have a personal interest in Dunkin’ Donuts erecting a building where her place of employment now stands, she is totally correct in questioning the congestion that a Dunkin’ Donuts would cause along the stretch of Telegraph Road from Pottle Avenue to Interstate 255.

The traffic in the morning is already backed up two lanes wide from Pottle to I-255. To place a business that would require entering and exiting in the middle of this congestion would only exacerbate the problem.

I am not opposed to Dunkin’ Donuts per se, but I am opposed to its proposed location. We have more than enough businesses along Telegraph Road now. In this case, more is not better.

Let’s not cause ourselves more driving delays and frustrations.

Charley Merriott