Dunkin’ Donuts would add congestion, pose safety hazard, reader says

To the editor:

Does the public know that Telegraph Road is about to become even more congested and unsafe, especially during the morning rush hour?

Well, it could be happening right under your nose and you don’t know about it.

Dunkin’ Donuts wants to knock down an established business that has been in the current location for 10-plus years and put — yes, you guessed it — another fast-food restaurant with a drive-through on Telegraph Road.

The first problem with this one is it is situated in a plaza that is occupied with a banquet hall that has huge parties.

I have been in this plaza trying to get in or get out while one of these parties is starting or ending and the traffic jams are horrendous.

To place a fast-food restaurant with a drive-through in the middle of this is just asking for accidents.

Problem 2: Let’s think about the people who live in the subdivision behind the plaza.

How would you like to be trying to put your kids down to sleep at night and hear a drive-through speaker blaring in your living room and have headlights shining in your house early morning and late at night?

The current business that is there, Jazzercise, works very well in this plaza because when they have classes, 90 percent of the time there are no parties.

When the banquet center is the busiest on the weekends at night with weddings and such, Jazzercise is closed, so traffic is not a problem.

Why take a system that has worked for over 10 years and mess with it?

If Dunkin’ Donuts must move in the area, there are plenty of other areas that are safer for Oakville residents. Find one and let a working plaza alone.

Shannon Myers


Editor’s note: Shannon Myers is an employee of Jazzercise.