Doesn’t believe it’s necessary for district to spend every available dollar

To the editor:

Reading the article about the revised 2016-2017 budget adopted by the Lindbergh Board of Education, it became evident to me that they have just plugged in figures to make sure that they spend every dollar the taxpayers provide.

The balance they left between the anticipated revenues and the budgeted expenditures is less than 1/100 of 1 percent.

While I certainly want to continue to have an excellent school district in which to live, it seems to me that with a budget in excess of $69 million, there should be some areas where some savings could be enacted to put some additional monies in reserve for future use. I don’t feel it is necessary to spend every available dollar each and every year.

They have proposed to have a surplus of $8,249 with total expenditures of $69,116,718. For someone like me on a fixed income whose real estate taxes have more than doubled since I moved into the district, I find it hard to believe that their major intention isn’t just to spend every available dollar and then ask for more.

We all want good schools, but excellence isn’t measured by how much money you spend. How about some new and progressive leadership who can manage to keep our schools excellent without blowing every dollar they can squeeze from the taxpayers?

David W. Stulce