Does Isherwood really care about Crestwood?

To the editor:

Some questions.

Are the residents of Crestwood interested in their city? A resident of Oakville, Kelley Isherwood, has formed the Crestwood Smart Growth Alliance. Is this for the residents of Crestwood or his private interests for which he is being paid?

Does Mr. Isherwood think the city of Crestwood can influence Brown Smith Wallace to produce an audit which is not accurate? Why else would Mr. Isherwood seek signatures for an audit by the state of Missouri, which will cost Crestwood an additional $16,000 to $26,000.

Crestwood has planned three forums for residents of Crestwood to inform them about revenue sources, redevelopment plans, etc.

Where were the residents of Crestwood for the first meeting? At this meeting approximately 50 interested residents came. Where are the other 1,100 residents who have signed Mr. Isherwood’s petition?

Do they feel a resident of Oakville knows what is best for our city? Does Mr. Isherwood really care about our city or is he merely working for his client?

Do the residents of Crestwood care about their city? I hope they do and will make it a priority to attend the next meeting on Nov. 18.

Carol Wagner