Defeated MFPD candidate ‘vindicated’ by actions of current board

To the editor:

This April, voters went to the polls and overwhelmingly approved the Mehlville Fire Protection District board’s two ballot measures.

The general impression from the comments of the voters coming to the polls that day was that the incumbent board was promising them a $200 reduction in their taxes with their “historic tax-decrease” ballot.

Four months later at the Aug. 27 Mehlville Fire Protection Board of Directors meeting, the board voted to raise the tax levy to the maximum for the 2010 fiscal year to 59.3 cents per $100. The rate for 2009 was 56.3 cents per $100. This board meeting was convened and adjourned in less than two minutes. There was no opportunity for public comment. The members excused themselves to convene another “executive session” that would not allow for public access.

As the candidate that campaigned for more fiscal responsibility, I am vindicated by this last action of the board.

Unfortunately, the public was duped by the current board and the Call Newspapers. I continue to believe that the board was aware of the true fiscal situation when they dipped into reserves last year.

As the purported watchdog of the community, Call Newspapers should demand an outside audit instead of continuing to support this sham.

P.J. Polizzi