Daues has willingness to consider viewpoints

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Fred Daues is not only a candidate for alderman in Ward 4 of Sunset Hills, he is a very good candidate who will openly and honestly represent the residents of the city. For the most part, politics today fails to consistently attract qualified individuals with character and experience who make decisions after listening, learning and understanding the implications of those decisions.

For over 30 years I’ve known him to be a caring and respectful gentleman. He has leadership experience and the ability to work with both individuals and groups to get things done.  This is why I strongly support him for alderman.

Fred is a longtime resident of the city and a successful businessman who will do a great job representing the residents of Sunset Hills. When questioned about his views on relevant Sunset Hills issues, his positions are clear and concise. Over the years he and I have not always agreed on various city matters, but I truly respect his willingness to understand and consider the pros and cons of an opposing viewpoint.

A vote for Fred Daues is a vote to elect someone who is genuinely concerned about the past, present and future of Sunset Hills. As a city resident, I strongly support and encourage you to elect Fred and put him to work for all of us as our Ward 4 alderman.

John Neff
Sunset Hills