Crestwood reader: Citizens have right to debate city-county merger


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Glenn Koenen’s Oct. 25 letter to the editor about the city-county merger is a perfect example of why liberals continue to lose, and why, for that matter, they lost the 2016 election.

Because there is always discussion of a merger, there are always arguments against it. You saying basically “just shut up and don’t argue it because it won’t happen” is a lie. We have no idea whether something like this may one day pass or not and as citizens of the county, we are allowed to debate it. But instead of arguing against points, you turn your nose up as smugly as possible and pretend to have moral superiority by calling your opponents racists.

The truth is, you cannot argue the points laid in front of you so you call people this “ist” or that “phobe” and think you’ve made a case.

The truth of the matter is, the county doesn’t fear any race moving in. We fear policy created by liberals like you that have stifled economic growth, increased taxes, and only worked to keep people in poverty and surrounded by violent crime.

So we don’t fear any particular race, we fear regressive policies that people like you and those who have run the city of St. Louis for decades actively endorse. Try having an intelligent debate next time instead of hiding behind an inability to argue points masked as defending other people.

Michael Jokerst