Crestwood reader believes Call should remain ‘a local newspaper’


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:
The Call, a local newspaper, should remain exactly that, a local newspaper covering local governments.
A few weeks ago, Executive Editor Mike Anthony opened the door to national subject matter with his opinion piece bashing the president, Donald Trump. Since that column went to press, another partisan joined the name calling and guess what, Mr. Anthony printed his letters as well.
I mentioned a partisan because the latest stab at Trump mentioned a website that tracks presidential lies saying that Obama lied only 18 times in eight years — no partisanship there, but a fine example of “fake news.”
If Call readers want their daily dose of resistance, they can visit various websites or our own Post-Dispatch, which everyone in St. Louis knows is bias free.
I used to enjoy my weekly read of the Call. Now, my trip from the mailbox to my kitchen will include a stop at the recycling bin to deposit the Call along with all the unread advertisements contained therein — all paid for by hardworking business owners and ordinary south countians.
What a waste, and all so the executive editor and a few others can get their low-ball opinions of others in print.
Joe Mattus