Crestwood mayor offers his ‘sincere apology’ to alderman

To the editor:

In reference to the article titled “Work session set next week on proposed civil-service rules” that appeared in the Jan. 25 SunCrest Call, I am providing an apology to Alderman Steve Nieder for his name appearing in that article which made it appear that I think someone put him up to question why the pay plan had not been included in the Civil Service Board manual.

I want to assure the citizens in Ward 4 that Alderman Nieder is his own man and his question was certainly right on course. Alderman Nieder has been of great assistance in moving the city forward.

I deeply regret that I put myself in a position which allowed that type of remark to happen. I offer my sincere apology to Alderman Nieder, the Board of Aldermen and the citizens of Crestwood.

Roy Robinson

Crestwood mayor