Crestwood mall’s new owners must change ‘shopping atmosphere’

To the editor:

Ever since the beginning of the downturn in retail sales at “Crestwood Plaza,” “Crestwood Court,” “Crestwood mall,” whatever — there has not been a lack of analysis why this occurred.

Population location trends, development of new shopping areas, poor economy and a myriad of other reasons have been pointed at as the cause.

No doubt these had some effect.

But the housing and population of the area has increased with the popularity of condos and other multifamily housing.

More often than not, families would rather shop close to home in familiar surroundings, than drive across the county for the items they need or want.

Although managed by different owners, the same recurring problem still existed — there wasn’t a feeling of comfort and safety.

Groups of young people were allowed to assemble and roam the mall and thoroughfares, blocking entrances to stores and just travel in general.

Often the size of the groups was intimidating along with an intimidating attitude they wished to project.

Seldom would they enter stores with the intent to actually make a purchase. But they would hinder people who were there wanting to shop from doing so.

Why this behavior was tolerated is beyond my level of comprehension.

Maybe it was thought to be their constitutional right of assembly not to be infringed upon. At some point, a lame attempt was made to correct the problem, but too little, too late. By this time, families had already found other locations to shop in comfort and safety.

The new owners of the property may be planning to change the structure and the look, but if they don’t change the shopping atmosphere, “woe is them.”

Ken House