Crestwood EDC member backing Proposition C

To the editor:

Before you head to the polls on April 4, I would encourage all Crestwood residents take a second look at your annual property tax bill from St. Louis County.

If you do, you’ll see that the amount the city of Crestwood receives from you is probably less than what you pay to the Metropolitan Zoo and Museum District.

My family’s property tax bill for 2016 was $2,214.39 and of that amount, just $75.64 went to the city of Crestwood.

We paid the county library $75.03 and St. Louis Community College $66.37. For the record, I will gladly pay to support the library, community college and Zoo and Museum District, not to mention the amazing Lindbergh Schools.

But it’s kind of ridiculous to expect the high level of services we have enjoyed from the city of Crestwood, including police and fire, for just $75.64 a year.

That number is artificially low, and we residents need to step up to make up what has been lost in sales-tax dollars. Is $8 to $12 more each month worth it to ensure two- to three-minute emergency response times, a local Police and Fire department and well-maintained facilities?

I urge all residents to vote “yes” for Prop C for Crestwood on April 4.