Crestwood alderman defends Christmas in Crestwood, Santa Claus

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

I am appalled by a Dec. 10 letter to the editor published to your newspaper criticizing the wonderful, irreplaceable Christmas in Crestwood.

They have done a phenomenal job to bring our community together. Over the years, they brought joy to many kids and adults.

Christmas in Crestwood people, who are from all political orientations, from all walks of life, came together despite their differences to make Christmas an event appreciated by so many.

You do not need to be a Christian to appreciate Christmas.

While Christmas remains an important religious event for many people, it has also become a cultural custom and event for many.

Christmas in Crestwood is a volunteer-based organization. That means that anyone in our region no matter what is their color of skin, origin, religion and so on is welcome to volunteer.

Let’s call a cat … well, a cat. And during Christmas, the Good Samaritan, the stranger in our midst, the one from the North Pole, is called Pere Noel or Santa.

This will never change, but you are free to call it whatever you want.

Thank you Christmas in Crestwood for everything you do, and thank you to their leaders for leading by example.

We love you.

Ismaine Ayouaz

Editor’s note: Mr. Ayouaz is a Ward 4 alderman in Crestwood.