Creating your personal wellness plan

Healthy Living


By Carl Hendrickson, For the Call

August is “Wellness Month.” It is the month in which one should prepare a personal wellness plan and, if one has a plan, to review it for needed modifications. A wellness plan can help you to live a healthier, happier life.

A personal wellness plan is an action plan geared towards achieving your health and satisfaction needs. The World Health Organization says that there are four dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, spiritual and social. 

Physical wellness requires one to eat healthy, to exercise regularly and to obtain sufficient sleep each night. Intellectual focus on the mind and encourages both stimulating mental activities and seeking out people who challenge you intellectually. 

Spiritual requires one to seek peace and harmony in life. Spiritual strength is the force that leads us to make sacrifices for others, The social dimension involves interacting with others and developing and maintaining healthy relationships. 

Several benefits flow from developing and following a wellness plan. One develops more positive and less negative emotions. One becomes more resilient to adversity. Achieving physical wellness can provide greater immunity from illness. Successfully following your personal wellness plan will make you more optimistic about life and more positive about successfully meeting life’s challenges. 

To develop your personal wellness plan first identify the areas that need improving in the four dimensions: physical, intellectual, spiritual and social. Rank them in importance to you from one to 10, with one being of least importance. 

Establish goals for making improvements. Each goal must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have a time-certain for achieving. Be sure to keep track of the progress being made toward achieving each goal. If necessary, get support from others.

Sitting behind a computer writing a newspaper article does not give one much physical exercise. Of course, it does exercise my brain. I go to exercise five days a week at HouseFit for my physical health. I attend church regularly and serve on a church committee to meet my spiritual needs. Toastmasters is a great organization for both its social aspects and its intellectual requirements. 

Take the time this month to work on your personal wellness plan. Determine which of the four dimensions you should focus upon. Establish and fulfill goals. Become a healthier, happier individual.

Good luck!